Sagitta Investments primarily focuses on financial investments and aims to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in a diverse portfolio of listed as well as unlisted assets.

The investment strategy comprises:

  • Listed Equities
  • Credit
  • Bonds
  • Real estate
  • Real assets and infrastructure

Sagitta is open to receiving investment opportunities in relation to all the above asset classes, subject to evaluation.


Sagitta Ventures´investment mandate primarily focus on healthcare, technology, and B2B companies. Sagitta has a clear investment strategy focused on scale-ups as well as more mature companies. Sagitta has the flexibility to pursue attractive transactions across all maturity stages – early stage to mature companies.

We embrace a long-term and flexible mindset, eschewing rigid exit horizons to navigate the ever-evolving currents of the market. Our commitment is not bound by predetermined timelines but flourishes through adaptability, allowing us to be an evergreen investor or seize opportune moments for profitable exits.

Our philosophy hinges on a partnership approach, a belief founded on transparency and trust. We believe that ongoing success stems from collaborative efforts and open communication. This principle is embedded in our comprehensive due diligence process, meticulously executed by a team with extensive investment and operational experience.

Awake Boards, headquartered in Stockholm, was established in 2017 and specializes in manufacturing premium electric surfboards & eFoils.

Sagitta invested in Awake due to its market-leading product and the alluring underlying market with high-growth potential across various use cases.


Eupry, headquartered in Copenhagen, was established in 2014 and specializes in manufacturing temperature monitoring and calibration solutions.

Prime example of Sagitta’s focus: hardware-enabled SaaS with sticky revenues.


Ward 24/7, headquartered in Copenhagen, was established in 2017 and specializes in developing AI-powered patient monitoring solutions.


Lenus eHealth, headquartered in Copenhagen, was established in 2016 and specializes in developing software for health coaches. The company’s platform provides coaches with the tools needed to deliver effective online coaching.

Uhnder, a US-based technology company, with the ambition to revolutionize the automotive sector with the world’s first digital imaging radar-on-chip, offering significant advantages over traditional analog radars. This innovative technology will play a paramount role in enabling the automotive industry to transition to true vehicle autonomy.


Heart Aerospace, a Swedish startup, is developing the ES-30, the world’s first hybrid electric aircraft for sustainable regional air travel with a 30-passenger capacity. ES-30 boasts a 200km fully electric range and a 400km extended hybrid range. The aircraft is scheduled to enter service in 2029, backed by a substantial orderbook from leading airlines and aircraft lease companies.