Sagitta Charity Foundation


Sagitta Charity Foundation is the philanthropic wing of Sagitta Investements, founded by Tais Clausen co-founder of 3Shape A/S.

The Clausen family’s philanthropic efforts, via the Sagitta Charity Foundation, are driven by the desire to create real measurable long-term positive changes via strategically selected purposes that are important for the family and for the society in general.


Welfare of children and young adults

Organizations, cases and research that find innovative and measurable ways to make a difference to children and young people’s mental and physical wellbeing, primarily in Denmark.

Health promotion & disease prevention

Organizations, cases and research that work to promote physical and mental health, and prevent diseases both in Denmark and at a global level.

Disaster relief

Rapid disaster relief in the event of natural disasters, accidents, war, and other acute situations where human life and social order come under pressure.

We are very proud to announce our partnerships for 2023 and beyond. Under the umbrella Welfare of children and young adults, Sagitta Charity Foundation will be supporting the following organisations and projects:


How can we help children alert the authorities themselves for help with a difficult situation at home? Joannahuset, Denmark’s first and only crisis centre for children, will now be able to employ an expert dedicated to improve communication between children and young adults in need and the authorities.

Donation: 1.8M DKK over the course of three years


When a child or a young adult experience a mental health crisis, it has a profound effect on the entire family. Headspace will now be able to take the first steps to launch an online knowledge platform for families in need of counselling on how to create a better support system and home environment for the child or young adult in crisis.

Donation: 500,000 DKK in 2023


Children and young adults who are in care outside their homes, or who live in difficult environments need positive role models and support systems. This partnership will enable Mentorbarn to match 10 children or young adults with loving volunteer friendship families, who will provide a stable and loving contrast to the life in care or in instability.

Donation: 500,000 DKK in 2023


Growing up with parents with addictions can result in profound mental scars for children and young adults. TUBA will now launch a pilot project to provide information, insights and online counselling to the many children and young adults, who are currently waiting to be helped with dealing with the effects of having parents with addictions.

Donation: 500,000 DKK in 2023


Eating disorders and other kinds of self-harm are on the rise among children and young adults. This partnership will enable two projects to launch and evolve. Mirror Friend: This project teaches 6th graders to look in the mirror with self-acceptance, body positivity and love. The Body Project: Through a groundbreaking new approach, young adults with symptoms of eating disorders or self-harm will receive early detection and prevention group counselling.

Donation: 1.5M DKK in 2023


Why exactly are so many of our young girls experiencing stress, anxiety and depression? This partnership will enable Girltalk to gather and analyse data and create a foundation of knowledge and insight on mental health trends. This wil be used to guide politicians, health officials, NGOs and Girltalk counsellors on how to improve mental health among children and young adults.

Donation: 1.5M DKK over the course of three years


Play is a gateway to making friends, learning about democracy and fighting loneliness and isolation among young children. This partnership will enable Just Human to take the first steps to launch Just Play; a project that will use communication campaigns and volunteer efforts to encourage more free play and free time for children in a world that is increasingly micro-managed by adults.

Donation: 1.5M DKK in over the course of three years


Does your project fit our purpose and goals, please write a motivated application to


We expect your application to provide clear answers to the following questions:

  • How the project will create change within the defined objective?
  • Who is behind the project, and what skills they possess?
  • What is your overall budget and what size of donation is requested?
  • How will you measure your results?
  • How do you self-evaluate your own efforts?

Applications are processed continuously with a processing time of approximately 8-10 weeks.

Please note that we do not process applications for cases and organizations that do not fall under the Sagitta Charity Foundation’s formulated objectives.